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  • What are cookies?
  • Cookies are small text files that can be placed on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device with which you can use to surf the internet via a web browser (“device”). Websites that use cookies can then place these cookies on your device via your web browser if you visit such website. Examples of web browsers are: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.
  • After a cookie is placed on your device, your device can be recognised as you surf through the website via the same web browser. This will for instance enable the website to ‘remember’ your language settings, which webpages you visited and the items in your shopping chart. If such cookies are placed by a third-party, such third-party can (also) recognise your device (third-party cookies). It is furthermore also possible that cookie information is afterwards shared with third-parties. For more information on cookies, please be referred to the website
  • Lifecycle cookies: after a cookie is placed on a device, it is only valid for a certain period.
    1. After the validity period of a cookie lapses, the cookie is automatically removed by the web browser. The validity period varies per cookie. For example, some cookies are only valid during the browser session. Other cookies can also recognise your device if you visit the Site during a new browser session, e.g. for a year after being placed on your device.
    2. Early deletion/refusal of cookies: you can choose to delete a cookie manually before its validity period has lapsed. You can also decide to refuse cookies which may only be placed with your consent, in the first place. For more information on this, please see the section “How can you delete cookies or change your cookie setting?” below.
  • Similar technologies: in addition to cookies, other techniques can also be used for similar purposes, such as:
    1. HTML5 Local Storage and Flash cookie: HTML5 Local Storage and local shared objects (LSOs, also called “Flash cookies”) can be used for the same purposes as cookies.
    2. Web beacons: Web beacons (also called “tags”) are bits of programming code that can be included in web pages, emails, and ads. Web beacons can notify the user when those web pages, emails, or ads have been viewed or clicked on by you.
    3. Embedded scripts: Embedded scripts (also called “Javascrips”), are bits of programming code that can be included in web pages to measure how those web pages are used by you, e.g. by registering which links you click on
Besides cookies, we use web beacons and log files.
  • What type of cookies do we use?
    • We use four types of cookies on this Site: (i) functional cookies, (ii) analytical cookies, (iii) affiliate cookies and (iv) tracking cookies. More information on this is provided below.
    • Functional cookies:
      1. Functional cookies are essential for the proper layout and navigation of a website, and for us to remember whether cookies have been allowed or refused. It concerns cookies (i) that are placed with the sole purpose of facilitating communication over an electronic communication network or (ii) that are strictly necessary for providing you with the information-society service as requested by you.
      2. Functional cookies may be placed without your consent.
    • Analytical and affiliate cookies:
      1. Analytical cookies are used to analyse and map the use of a certain website, so that the quality and/or effectiveness of the website can be improved.
      2. Affiliate cookies are used to keep track of what ad leads to the purchase of a product/service, so that the party that has displayed this ad (the affiliate) can get a reward from the advertiser.
      3. We do not need your consent to place cookies for obtaining information about the quality or effectiveness of a provided information-society service (analytical or affiliate cookies), if this will have little or no impact on your private life. In other cases, we will not place analytical or affiliate cookies without your consent.
    • Tracking cookies:
      1. Tracking cookies are used to follow the behaviour of website visitors across multiple websites. If such cookies are placed by another party, these are called third party tracking cookies.
      2. We will not place tracking cookies without your consent.


For a full overview of all the cookies we use, please be referred to the paragraph “What cookies do we use? (full overview)”, below.
  • What cookies do we use? Full overview
On our Site, we use the following cookies: Functional cookies, Analytical cookies, Affiliate cookies, & Tracking cookies
  • How can you delete cookies or change your cookie settings?
    • You can you change your cookie settings in general – for all websites you visit – via your browser settings. You can also change your cookie setting just for our Site.
    • Within your browser you can change your cookie preferences and choose whether you wish to accept cookies or not. If differs per browser which sort of choices you can make, such as denying all third-party cookies. For further information on how you can change your browser settings, please be referred to:
    • Please note that if you refuse certain cookies, this may reduce the functionality of some parts of our Site.
  • How can you contact us?

For any questions, comments or requests, you may contact us via  Please let us know by e-mail if you prefer to have further contact over the phone.